Invitation to participate in the festival “Forged Figures Park 2014”

Dear blacksmiths! According to the circumstances, the format of the International Festival of traditional blacksmithing skill Forged Figures Park this year will change somewhat. We fully understand that many artists will not come this year in Donetsk. However masters from around the world can take part-time participation in the festival, and to forge sending envoys of peace – pigeons, which form an international collective composition “Doves of Peace”. Blacksmiths in his work often talk about love, friendship, peace. This year, the world is as relevant as ever, as the festival\’s artistic selected “Doves of Peace”. Guild of blacksmiths of Donbass as organizer XVI International Festival of blacksmithing skill Forged Figures Park, invites artists to participate in the Donetsk festival and... Читать далее

Roses for Norway

Dear blacksmiths of the Ring, On November 12th and 13th we would like to make roses for Norway in our smith’s workshop. But we cannot do that alone. We would like to invite you to contribute to this good initiative of the blacksmiths in Oslo. Oslo’s blacksmiths are building a sculpture of forged roses made by smiths from all over the world. To honour the victims of the unimaginable violence in Oslo July 22nd. We’ll start on Saturday November 12th at 8.30 am in our workshop Mondra Opleidingen BV, Ambachtsweg 38, 6673 DK Andelst, the Netherlands. If you like joining us in this good initiative, let us know as soon as possible. The only financial support we ask is for... Читать далее

Парк кованых фигур

XIII International Festival of Smithcraft Forged figures park

Donetsk City Council, the Guild of  Blacksmiths Donbass and Union Masters Blacksmithing Ukraine are invited to Donetsk on 16-18 September 2011 at the XIII International Festival of Smithcraft Forged figures park. Creative theme of the XIII International Festival of Smithcraft Forged figures park will forge a mystic. Wizards will work on the artistic interpretation on the themes of the legends, superstitions, myths and mystical fantasies. The festival program includes: – Teamwork on the main theme; – Master classes of leading blacksmiths; – Show-events; – Contests; – Music Festival “Rock-smithy”General partner – Ukrainian blacksmith’s enterprise “Gefest”. Official hotel – boutique-hotel “Spanish patio”. Partners – Malina project. Information sponsors: TRC Donbass, web-resources – donbass.NAME, Читать далее