The program of the Festival

September 20 (Saturday) 09-00 – Registration in Forged Figures Park. 10-30 – Inauguration of the festival. 11-00 – 15-00 – Teamwork for creative theme “Doves of Peace”. 12-00 – Rite blacksmith wedding (to be confirmed). 13-00 – Forging kitchen Bratchina. 14-00 – Workshops: Forging the audience. 16-00 – The closing ceremony of the festival. 18-00 – Friendly farewell dinner. Читать далее

Invitation to participate in the festival “Forged Figures Park 2014”

Dear blacksmiths! According to the circumstances, the format of the International Festival of traditional blacksmithing skill Forged Figures Park this year will change somewhat. We fully understand that many artists will not come this year in Donetsk. However masters from around the world can take part-time participation in the festival, and to forge sending envoys of peace – pigeons, which form an international collective composition “Doves of Peace”. Blacksmiths in his work often talk about love, friendship, peace. This year, the world is as relevant as ever, as the festival\’s artistic selected “Doves of Peace”. Guild of blacksmiths of Donbass as organizer XVI International Festival of blacksmithing skill Forged Figures Park, invites artists to participate in the Donetsk festival and... Читать далее

VIth International Blacksmith Festival “Gornilo Svaroga”

Dear friends and colleagues! We invite you to participate in the VIth International Blacksmith Festival “Gornilo Svaroga” that will take place in Perm (Russia) June 21-22, 2014. This festival will be confined to the Year of Culture in Russia. Perm is located on the border between Europe and Asia, and this fact has been repeatedly beaten in cultural activities of different directions. We can even say that the “frontier” location of the regional capital has become a brand which builds numerous public events, sightseeing tours, etc.  The festival “Gornilo Svaroga” is proposed to be held focusing on expanding the boundaries of the festival, raising its level, attracting participants from European countries. In addition, the festival profile allows to create within... Читать далее

Roses for Norway

Dear blacksmiths of the Ring, On November 12th and 13th we would like to make roses for Norway in our smith’s workshop. But we cannot do that alone. We would like to invite you to contribute to this good initiative of the blacksmiths in Oslo. Oslo’s blacksmiths are building a sculpture of forged roses made by smiths from all over the world. To honour the victims of the unimaginable violence in Oslo July 22nd. We’ll start on Saturday November 12th at 8.30 am in our workshop Mondra Opleidingen BV, Ambachtsweg 38, 6673 DK Andelst, the Netherlands. If you like joining us in this good initiative, let us know as soon as possible. The only financial support we ask is for... Читать далее

Time. State. Rock. Exhibition

Dear friends! I invite you to participate in the first All-Ukrainian exhibition of metal in the conceptual art under the name Time. State. Rock. The exhibition is scheduled for May – August 2012 and is to take place in the most prestigious exposition hall in Ukraine – the M-17 Centre of Modern Art in Kiev. Important people of the country and representatives of the leading periodicals and TV channels will be invited to the opening ceremony. The exhibition will be visited by sponsors, collectors, owners of galleries and museums. The Time. State. Rock. Exhibition will meet all the world level requirements. That’s why all the works will be chosen by the jury at the sketch stage. The range of works... Читать далее

Парк кованых фигур

XIII International Festival of Smithcraft Forged figures park

Donetsk City Council, the Guild of  Blacksmiths Donbass and Union Masters Blacksmithing Ukraine are invited to Donetsk on 16-18 September 2011 at the XIII International Festival of Smithcraft Forged figures park. Creative theme of the XIII International Festival of Smithcraft Forged figures park will forge a mystic. Wizards will work on the artistic interpretation on the themes of the legends, superstitions, myths and mystical fantasies. The festival program includes: – Teamwork on the main theme; – Master classes of leading blacksmiths; – Show-events; – Contests; – Music Festival “Rock-smithy”General partner – Ukrainian blacksmith’s enterprise “Gefest”. Official hotel – boutique-hotel “Spanish patio”. Partners – Malina project. Information sponsors: TRC Donbass, web-resources – donbass.NAME, Читать далее

Tte Forged Figures Park 2010

THE AGENDA OF THE 12th INTERNATIONAL THE FORGED FIGURES PARK – 2010 BLACKSMITHS ART FESTIVAL September 17-20, 2010, Donetsk September 17, Friday from 10.00 a.m.                 Registration at the festival headquarters in the Forged Figures Park and moving into hotels. 06.00 p.m.                          Official buffet. Communication. Recreation. September 18, Saturday 10.00 a.m.                          Official opening of the Forged Figures Park – 2010 Festival. Opening of The Craftsmen Alley. 10.30 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.     Events: – joint work on The Friendship Bridge; – Master Classes of the blacksmiths; – The Blacksmiths Cuisine cooking contest; – The Blacksmiths Clothes contest; – horse shoeing; – nails forging; – power show of Dmitriy Khaladzhy. – playing the forged guitar – Enver Izmailov 06.00 p.m.                          Conference. 07.00 p.m.                         ... Читать далее

Blacksmiths decorated the toiler city

Metal has been always loved and honoured in Alchevsk. The city grew from the village of the workers of the Donetsk and Yur’evsk metallurgical society plant (DYMS). It was found by the Ukrainian manufacturer, banker and the merchant of the first guild Aleksey Kirilovich Alchevskiy. At that time the plant was the only one metallurgical enterprise in Ukraine built on the domestic capital. Nowadays the Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works is one of the largest industrial enterprises in the south-east of Ukraine. Almost two thirds of the city citizens work there. A melting ladle is depicted on the city’s coat of arms and even the favourite football team of the city is called The Steel! Since last year citizens of... Читать далее

The forged figures park 2004

On the last Sunday of August the best masters of art blacksmithing gathered in the capital of Donbass to take part in the festival of blacksmiths art devoted to the 135th anniversary of Donetsk. Traditionally this festival was a part of the Roses of Donetsk city festive show. But in 2004 it was named the Forged Figures Park and became All-Ukrainian On 26–27 of August 50 delegates from 12 cities of 10 regions of Ukraine came to hospitable Donetsk to participate in the remarkable show. There were blacksmiths, designers and heads of 24 large and medium-sized blacksmiths enterprises of the country. The show was organized by the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise and The Magazine of Metal under the aegis of... Читать далее

The forged figures park (historical information)

In 2001 in the course of the regular blacksmiths festival the Forged Figures Park was established in the public garden of the City executive committee of Donetsk. The project was initiated by Victor Burduk, chief director of Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise and master of decorative and applied arts and under the aegis of the Donetsk City Council. Developing from year to year, the park has become one of the most famous places of interest in the capital city of Donetsk region. Moreover, it is unique in the whole world! The first exhibit of this outdoor blacksmiths art museum is a bunch of forged roses. This flower is a symbol of the miners’ capital, a symbol of the Donetsk Roses festival... Читать далее

Under the Arch of Friendship

The Arch Alley is in the very heart of Donetsk now and each visitor of Forged Figures Park can enjoy and admire it. But can you imagine what titanic joint efforts this Alley is the result of?! What human relations are behind it? The Arch Alley is an illustration and reminding of the fact that we live in a great country, united with the team spirit of strong, honest and cheerful people – blacksmiths. It is also necessary to feel a wonderful atmosphere of the blacksmiths festival where it is absolutely unimportant what language you speak either Russian or Ukrainian or English; you’ve got used to think and speak! But if you touch a forged arch or bench with your hand... Читать далее

Donetsk in the ring

This year Donetsk is to enter the Ring of European cities with Metal Works. Chairman of Donbass blacksmiths Guild Victor Burduk has told us more about it. I got to know about the Ring from Sergey Polubotko, the chairman of the Union of masters of blacksmiths art in Ukraine. Being a representative of our Union, he often goes abroad. He also gave me the address of the Ring headquarters. Having consulted with the Donetsk City Council and enlisted the support of the city mayor Aleksandr Lukianchenko, we sent a letter to the Ring expressing our intention to enter this organization. In reply we received its charter and a detailed list of the documents needed for the entering. It turned out... Читать далее