The best Ukrainian blacksmith is from Donetsk

Our land is famous for its unique people and original undertakings. This time it was decided to organize the all-Ukrainian blacksmiths championship in course of the traditional festival of blacksmiths art. The winners of the 1st championship became Yevgeniy Yermak from Donetsk, Anatoliy Lednev from Simferopol, and Vladimir Grynchishyn from Ivano-Frankovsk.
The festival aims have been one and the same for seven years of its holding. They are to demonstrate blacksmiths art and to popularize national traditions. Our masters of blacksmith art made one more present for this festival. The Zodiac Signs Alley was opened in the Forged Figures Park (behind the City Council building), the Donetsk purlieu. A new tradition has appeared. All the newly married couples come to the Park to take some photos. It is quite understandable as the Forged Figures Park in Donetsk is a unique place…

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The 10th international Forged Figures Park – 2008 festival of blacksmiths art established by the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise and organized by the Donbass Blacksmiths Guild is going on! Although there are no tents, stage, furnaces and anvils on the square behind the Donetsk City Council building, festival is going on with the exhibition of 70 author’s works from 13 regions of Ukraine as well as from Holland and Belgium. Читать далее «THE FORGED FIGURES PARK 2008»

Donetsk in the Ring of European Cities with Iron Works

On 13th July, 2008 in Friesoythe (Germany) Donetsk was unanimously accepted as an active member of the Ring of European Cities with Iron Works. The number 13 appeared to be lucky as well as token for us. Our city became the 13th member of the association that counts such cities as Bad Hall, Ybbsitz (Austria), Lipnik (Czech Republic), Friesoythe, Stolberg, Olbernhau, Kolbermoor (Germany), Mogliano Veneto, Stia (Italy), Gniew (Poland), Mynämäki (Finland) and Oude Ijsselstreek (Netherlands). Читать далее «Donetsk in the Ring of European Cities with Iron Works»

Genuezs’ka Fortetsya (Genoa Fortress), August, Sudak

It is the longest festival which is being hold from the beginning of June till the middle of August. It is strongly associated with the knighthood movement. Blacksmiths romance of the Crimea can be felt in full here.

Svyato kovaliv, June, Ivanno-Frankovsk

Svyato Kovaliv blacksmiths art festival in Ivano-Frankovsk takes place at the day of the city at the first weekend of May. In 2007 the festival was in May, 4-6. Traditionally, an international Ornamental’ne Koval’stvo (The Ornamental Smithery) exhibition is organized. The exhibition is exposed in Ivano-Frankovsk, Kiev and Donetsk.

Union of masters of blacksmiths art in Ukraine

Founded at the initiative of The magazine of metal and the Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise by the founding convention on 5 February 2005, the Union of masters of blacksmiths art in Ukraine (UMBAU or just the Union) unites nowadays about 100 masters of blacksmiths art from 20 regions of the country. The Union aims at the development of the art forging as a type of the decorative and applied arts, ensuring of the proper status for the blacksmith-artist in the independent All-Ukrainian creative union. The people and the mass media have completely recognized the art forging as a specific type of art. Exhibitions of the forged author’s works and festivals of blacksmiths art take place in Ivano-Frankovsk and Kiev, Donetsk and The Crimea with a great success. Due to the Union’s activities at various forums, festivals and exhibitions blacksmiths from different cities of Ukraine and Russia, European countries and the USA have an opportunity to enrich their experience. We also invite you to participate in the festivals planned for the year 2007 under the aegis of UMBAU and our general sponsor the Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works public company.

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Ybbsitz, Austria, FERRACULUM 2006 review

Lieber Freunde!
Danke schon fur 4 unglaublich Tagen!
Thank you , thank you and thank you once again!
You did it together, helping each other, doing one big thing together — this is the most important result.
Once again would like to thank Josef Hofmarcher, Alfred Habermann, Frau Welser, Andreas, Susanne, Brigitta, Monica, Brian , Eddi, Franz and many others whose name we don’t know but they gave their helping hand.
Togeter you did a real holiday for all those present!
You have done it perfectly. Читать далее «Ybbsitz, Austria, FERRACULUM 2006 review»

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