The program of the Festival

September 20 (Saturday)
09-00 — Registration in Forged Figures Park.
10-30 — Inauguration of the festival.
11-00 — 15-00 — Teamwork for creative theme «Doves of Peace».
12-00 — Rite blacksmith wedding (to be confirmed).
13-00 — Forging kitchen Bratchina.
14-00 — Workshops: Forging the audience.
16-00 — The closing ceremony of the festival.
18-00 — Friendly farewell dinner. Читать далее «The program of the Festival»

VIth International Blacksmith Festival «Gornilo Svaroga»

Dear friends and colleagues!
We invite you to participate in the VIth International Blacksmith Festival «Gornilo Svaroga» that will take place in Perm (Russia) June 21-22, 2014. This festival will be confined to the Year of Culture in Russia.
Perm is located on the border between Europe and Asia, and this fact has been repeatedly beaten in cultural activities of different directions. We can even say that the «frontier» location of the regional capital has become a brand which builds numerous public events, sightseeing tours, etc.  The festival «Gornilo Svaroga» is proposed to be held focusing on expanding the boundaries of the festival, raising its level, attracting participants from European countries. In addition, the festival profile allows to create within it a variety of forged objects that can beautify urban space, become new landmarks and at the same time «materialize» the project, become its symbolic tangible result. The Blacksmith Festival 2014 is proposed to be held under the motto «Prikamye is a blacksmith gate of Europe,» and as a visual way to forge a symbolic gate «From Europe to Asia» which the festival participants decorate with their own wrought symbols of their cities. Later this art object can be placed in the area of the international airport «Bolshoye Savino» which is a kind of a «gateway» to Perm. We believe that such a «talking» construction will perfectly fit into the cultural space and become a true ornament of our city as well as symbolically emphasize Perm hospitality and openness to international contacts, readiness for common projects of European and Asian partner cities. Читать далее «VIth International Blacksmith Festival «Gornilo Svaroga»»

Tte Forged Figures Park 2010



September 17-20, 2010, Donetsk Читать далее «Tte Forged Figures Park 2010»

The 16th world blackksmiths championship

On our way from Australia to an Italian town Stia we crossed Italy from the north to the south so it was interesting to watch the landscape changes from mountainous Tyrol through flat Lombardy region of Emilia to mountainous regions of Toscany. Having turned off the highway, we had been driving on the serpentine rode with many mountain passes for a long time there…
Having reached the city, we were glad to see a big banner with the title ‘The world blacksmiths championship – 2005’ hanging across the road and started looking for a parking place.
There was an improvised exhibition ground for the blacksmiths’ works in the central public garden of the town. The place for competition holding was well-appointed. There were ten furnaces and anvils, some big standing-vices, all the necessary tools for handwork, and a broad range of rolled metal under a big shed. Читать далее «The 16th world blackksmiths championship»

L’vovskaya Podkova (Lvov Horseshoe), October, Lvov

The Lvovskaya Podkova blacksmiths festival was being hold from 29th of September till 1st of October in 2006 in course of celebrating the 750th city anniversary. This festival became a continuation of Lvov Galyts’ka Impreza (Galician Presentation) blacksmiths festivals which took place in 1996, 1998, 2000 and 2003.

Forged Figures Park, September, Donetsk

Blacksmiths art festivals have been taking place in Donetsk for 8 years. In 2001 in the course of the regular blacksmiths festival the Forged Figures Park was established in the public garden of the City executive committee of Donetsk. The project was initiated by Victor Burduk, chief director of Ukrainian Gefest blacksmiths enterprise and master of decorative and applied arts and under the aegis of the Donetsk City Council. Developing from year to year, the park has become one of the most famous places of interest in the capital city of Donetsk region. Since 2001 the blacksmiths art festival in Donetsk is called Forged Figures Park. Читать далее «Forged Figures Park, September, Donetsk»

Genuezs’ka Fortetsya (Genoa Fortress), August, Sudak

It is the longest festival which is being hold from the beginning of June till the middle of August. It is strongly associated with the knighthood movement. Blacksmiths romance of the Crimea can be felt in full here.

Svyato kovaliv, June, Ivanno-Frankovsk

Svyato Kovaliv blacksmiths art festival in Ivano-Frankovsk takes place at the day of the city at the first weekend of May. In 2007 the festival was in May, 4-6. Traditionally, an international Ornamental’ne Koval’stvo (The Ornamental Smithery) exhibition is organized. The exhibition is exposed in Ivano-Frankovsk, Kiev and Donetsk.

Ybbsitz, Austria, FERRACULUM 2006 review

Lieber Freunde!
Danke schon fur 4 unglaublich Tagen!
Thank you , thank you and thank you once again!
You did it together, helping each other, doing one big thing together — this is the most important result.
Once again would like to thank Josef Hofmarcher, Alfred Habermann, Frau Welser, Andreas, Susanne, Brigitta, Monica, Brian , Eddi, Franz and many others whose name we don’t know but they gave their helping hand.
Togeter you did a real holiday for all those present!
You have done it perfectly. Читать далее «Ybbsitz, Austria, FERRACULUM 2006 review»